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 AGIFOLD  ACRO candid camera
 Agfa - See Agfa lising   . 
 Akio Arette Ia SVS / Arette Ia booklet  Akio Arette P
 ADOX Golf IIIA   ADOX 300 
 .   ADOC Foto (Dr. Scheussner folding camera)
 ADOX-EDINEX   Altissa Altix V 
 Automat TTL  Aires Viscount
 Aircraft Torpedo Camera - 1944   . 
 Aires Penta 35  Aires 35 III L
   Aires 35 III 
 Aries 35-V  Aires Viscount M2.8
 Aires 35 IIIC   Aires Radar-eye
 AKAREX 700 / 700L   Airesflex Booklet
 Altix N (German)   ALTIX V (German) 
 .   ALTIX IV 
 Airesflex  Al-Vista
 Airesflex "Z" - "U" - "Y-III"   Alpenflex IIS 
 APM Roll Film Camera  Antar No. 2A Box
 Argoflex - booklet   ANSCO - See Ansco listing 
 Arette IB  Aperture Priority 35mm cameras
 Agimatic  Beaumat
 Baby Lynx (Pontiac) - French w/English scan translate  BEDFORDFLEX 
 BALDESSA  Beirette 35
 Blada Bladix 6X6 (Blada Super Baldix)  Baldessamat - F/RF
 Baldalux   . 
 BEAUTY CANTER-35  Blada Baldessa - F
 Beauty Super L  Bell & Howell FD 35 
 Balda "Baldina"  Bell & Howell / Canon 7 Rangefinder w/f 0.95
 Baldafix  Bell & Howell / Canon FX
 BALDINETTE (Super)  Bell & Howell Auto 35 Reflex
 Balda Baldixette   Bell & Howell FOTON 35mm 
 Baldinette RIGONA  Bell & Howelll Canonet QL 2.5
 Balda Jubilette   Bell & Howell / Canon Canonet F2.8
 .  . 
 Balda CA 35 / CF 18  Baldamatic I
 Balda BELTICA 24X36  Baldamatic II III 
 Baldessa  Baldixette (need to scan) 
 Belca BELFOCA   Bilora Bella
 Beauty Super II 2.8  Beauty Lite III 
 Beautyflex  . 
 Beauty Super L  BOES MODEL A Daylight film winder (need to scan) 
 Beacon Flash  BO-PEEP B box camera
 Beacon II camera  Boy Scout-Reflex
 BEACON Two-Twenty-Five  BOLSEY Guide
 BEDFORDFLEX double lens reflex  . 
 Bolsey Explorer  Bolsey B22 Set-o-matic
 Bolsey B2      Bolsey Flash  Bolsey C   &   Bolsey C - booklet 
 Bolsey Jubilee  Bolsey C22
 Bolsey Collector's Guide  Bolsey B3
 Bolsey Explorer  Bowens Illumitran-3 / Illumitran-3C
 Bonafix Two-Size   Braun - See Paxette listing
     Braun Norca - See Norca 
 Buster Brown - Folding  Buster Brown Folding No. 3A
 Cavalier 35mm Auto Reflex   Ciro 35

 Cavalier MS TL 

 Cavalier Five Thousand RTL 
 Candid type camera  CARENA MS TL
 Carbine Watch Pocket  CAMBRON TTL
 Classic Model II   Camlogix SH-T2 
 .   Cameras of the 1930s 
 Calumet Flash Meter  Coronet
 CERTO - SIX  Coronet Midget 
 Coronet 4x4  Coronet CUB
 Canter Beauty 35  Compass Cameras I and II
 Comet-S  Century Graphic 23
 Comet Camera  Cosmic Symbol
 Cortfield Periflex 3a  Conley Pocket Folding
 Corfield 66   . 
 .   . 
 Cortland CX-7   Carena CX-300
 Centon DF-300  Centon K200 - K400
 Centon K100  Clarus
 Cosmic 35   .
 Cameras of CHINA  CONLEY CAMERA - Pocket Folding Camera
 Coronet Box Camera  Conley Exposure Guide
 Comet-S (Boots)   Compco Reflex 
 Ciro-flex - 2 1/4 camera  CYCLE POCO no. 3 (Rochester Camera)
 Dacora Super-Dignette  E- B  Cyclone Cameras 
 Dacora Royal 6X6   DACORA Digna
 DIAX Ib IIb   Dacora R / RL 35
 Diaxette  Diana camera 
 Diadem Box Camera   . 
 Dakota RZ-2000  Debonair (Imperial Debonair)
 DEVIN TriColor Camera  DEJUR Twin Lens Reflex DR10-20-40
  DeJur D-1 35mm  DeJur D3 35mm 
   DETROLA Model GW (3-1-'17) 
 De Vry still camera   Dejur Dekon SR
 Dollina Cameras - Dollian, Dollian II, Super Dollian III  DUCA


 .  .
 EDIXA Stereo  Edixaflex
 Edina I & II (WIRGIN)  Empire Cameras
 EDIXA LTL   Empire Junior, The
 Ernemann Focal Plane Camera  Ernemann Miniatur Ernoflex
 Edixa Reflex  Edixa-mat
 Edixa I / II (Wirgin)

  Ensign Selfix 820 16/20 12/20 220 320 & 420 Guide (7-5-'13)

 Edixa Stereo  Ensign Ensignette
 Edixa-mat / Edixa-Flex (Bedienungsanleitung)  Ensign Roll Film Reflex 2 1/4 B Anastigmat Model 
 Ediax Prismat / Edixa Prismaflex  Ensign Pocket E-20
 Ensign Handbook of Photography  Ensign Carbine 3
 Elioflex (Ferrania)  Ensign Ranger II
 Ensign AutoRange 16-20   . 
 Ensign, Vest Pocket  Ensign SELFIX
 Ensign Selfix 220   Ensign SELFIX 16-20 
 Ensign Pocket No. 2  Ensign Ful-Vue Super (Ross Ensign)
 Ensign Roll Film Camera  Ensign Midget 22 
 Ensign Midget 33 / 55  Ensign Selfix "20"
 Ensign All-Distance  Ensign SELFLEX 820
 EXA Ib  EXA 1a
 EXA II / EXA IIb  First Camera Works - First Six & Firstflex
 Factorgraph (Folmer meter reading camera)   . 
 Falcon Candid Camera / Falcon Candid Type Camera  Falcon Magni-Vue
 Falcon Miniature  FR Auto-Eye Model II
 Falcon Super Action  Focal ES Auto
 Falcon Camera  Fed-Flash 
 Falcon Flex  FOCA (Votre Universal "R")
 Falcon-Abbey Electricamera  FOCA Sport ID (French)
 Falcon Camera Advertisements  FOCA Standard - French 
 Feca Primus 6x9   Ferrania eura 
 Felica   Five Star Camera
 FirstFlex 35  Foldex "20"
 Flexaret VII  Fotron Color flyer
 Flexeret - booklet    . 
 Forth-Derby cameras   Foth-Derby
 Flexaret IVa  Foto-Flex
 FUTURA  Fotron Electronic Camera
 Fotochrome Color  FW Solida 6X6 / I & II and booklet
   Frankarette / Super MINIATURE
 Ful-Vue Guide   FR Auto Eye
 GaMi 16mm spy camera  GOERZ Kameras 
 .   GOERZ Lenses 
  Graflex 22   Graphic 35
 Graflex  Graphic 35 Electric
 Graphic Century 35A  Great Wall SZ-1
 Graphic Century 35  GB-KERSHAW-110
 Graphic Jet 35 (CO2 auto wind)   . 
 GOKO UF2  GAF Pocket 110 - 2020
 GAF L-ES/2  Graflex Series B
 Goldeck 6X6  Graflex Graphic 35 Jet 
 Gun Sight Aiming Point 16mm Camera M-1, M-2, N-1, N-2   HALINA Super 35X
 Gun Camera - a WWII weapons gun camera repair manual   Halina Simplette F
 HIKARI  Halina 35x
 Hanimex DR-1  Halina Paulette
 Hanimex 35 HFT/HLT  Hanimex 35SF
 Hanimex 35SE  Haking's Halina Paulette Electric
 HANIMEX 35 Amphibian   Hanimex CR 1000 SLR
 Horizon 202 Panorama Camera  HI-FLASH (DANA)
 Hanimex ZF 35  Hanimex Lenses
 HALOID Photo paper  Holga 120
 Holga 135 Panaromic   Holga 120 TLR 
 HOLGA PAN 120   Hollywood Reflex 


(PDF requires Adobe 5.0 or higher)
 Ica Cameras  ICA "Ideal" Cameras
 Lindenblatt KL-2   . 
 Imperial Debonair - see Debonair  IMPERIAL Mark 27 and Satellite 127
 Ihagee Auto-Ultrix  Keystone accessories for proj. and cameras
 Ihagee Parvola  ILOCA - REALIST Guide
 Ihagee - double extension   Iloca Quick A 
 ILEX Acme Synchro Shutter  Ilford Advocate
 ILOCA STEREO II  Ilford Craftsman
 Junk Cameras - if you have one of these.. it's junk !  Ilfoflex
 .   Ilford Sportsman & Sportsmaster
 Jenaflex AM-1   Jenaflex AC-1
 Jenaflex BX20 / Praktica  Jenoptik Jenadvance JA 21
 .  Jubilette (Balda)
 JEM JR. 120  Kalimar C-64
 .   Kalimar 44
 Kalimar Reflex  Kalimar K-90
 Kalimar Reflex SQ  Kalimar KX 5000
 Kalimar SR-200  Kalimar SR 300
 .   Kalimar KX 7000
 Kenflex - booklet    KALIFLEX 120 
 Kershaw "PENGUIN" ROLL FILM  Kallo Flex automat K2
 Kershaw 450  Kalimar Colt 44
 Karomat  Kalimar Six Sixty
 Kalimar Reflex Model SQ   Keystone SLR K-1020
 KENRO MP-810  Korelle ( Reflex-Korelle ) Models I and II
 Kingston Double Lens Reflex   . 
 KOMBI  Konilette
 Korelle Guide  KOLIBRI - 3x4cm
 .   .
 KING ( see Regula)  Kewpie Cameras (Sears box camera)
 .   Kyocera Finecam M400R 
 La Belle Pal  Lightomatic 35mm
 LUMIERE LUDAX 6X9   Lindenblatt KL-2 
  LOMO Compact  Lindar 
 LORD 35 IV B  Lordox 57
 Lord 5D  Lordox 35
 LORDOMAT Standard   Leotex Model F 
 .   Ludax - Lumiere  - French


 MAGNON 35  Makina 
 Mansfield Holiday Eye-tronic 35   . 
 Marvel Folding D   Makina IIS Booklet 
 Master Reflex - (Welta - Ercona Camera Corp.)  Motor Marine 35  MX-10
 Microcord Guide   . 
 Microcord MKII  MEC 16
 Miniature Speed Graphic & Graflex Cameras  Mercury Cameras - See Univex Mercury
 Meteor  MINIX
 Minicord  Micro 16 
 Minute 16 (Universal Camera Corp)  Microflex (2 1/4)
 MIL-O 35 (1-9-'16)   . 
 Montgomery Wards - Ward "35"  Mercury Satellite 127 Flash Camera
 Montgomery Wards CYC   Montgomery Ward CP 301 & 302 
 Montgomery Wards 126 CP 302 / CP 301  . 
 Nagle Vollenda  Mikroma II
 NEOCA 35   . 
 NEOCA 35-2S   NEOCA 35 (model III-S rangefinder)
 .   . 
 Nimslo 3D  Nishika camera and flash
 Nimslo 3-D Guide  NOBLEX PRO
 NICCA B-C Flash Unit  NOBLEX 135
 NICCA 5-L (Sears Tower 35)   NORCA III
 NICCA Model 3-F  NIPPON Supra PR 
   NOVOFLEX Auto Bellows 
 NICCA III-A / III-S   NORD - Automatic SLR Camera
 NICCA Model 3-F  PAL KO 3-A - lens shifting
 ONTOFLEX - French   PALKO Auto-Winding  - early version
 OPIKA - large format   Pear River 4 (TRL) 
 Panasonic C-900ZM P&S  Pearl River 4-S
 Pax Ruby  Pax - 35
 Phot-take Foldex "20"  Pacemaker Graphic
 Periflex (see also Cortield)  Pacemaker Crown and Speedgraphic
 Prinzflex 500  Paxette Im
 Paxette and Paxette booklet  Perfex fifty-five
 Pax - M2  Paxette II (Braun - Nurnerg)
 PAX - M3  Paxette II M
 Paxette Super II - HTML  Paxette Reflex
 Paxette Super II - PDF  Paxette 35 Auto
 Paxette Super II L  Paxette Electromatic I
 PAXETTE Book   Paxette Braun Super III Automatic 
 Perfex fifty-five  Perfex forty-four
 Phoenix cameras - Sales guides  Perfex De Luxe
 Phoenix  P-5000  Panda Roll Film leaflet
 Pixie Camera  Patent - Etui
 Pathescope - 35mm and panoramic  Pentacon Pentaflex SL
 Penta Reflex - booklet   Pentacon eyepiece attachment
 Pentacon  Praki - German  Pentacon Six 
 PRIMO-JR (4X4)  Pentacon  35mm reflex (Pentacon, Pentacon F, Pentacon F - German)
 Pickwick Reflex    PILOT SUPER
 POCO (CYCLE) no. 3 (Rochester Camera)   Pontiac Baby Lynx  - French w/English scan translate
 PURMA GUIDE  Penticon Pentina
 Purma Plus booklet  Purma Plus
 Promaster Cameras  Pentacon Six TL
 Praktica - Pentacon - Edixaflex guide  Polaroid Cameras
 Promatic SLF  Periflex 3a
 PRINZ 35-EE   Primarflex II  
 ProSpec Lenses   Periflex Guide
 Pressman Pocket Camera  Prontor SVS Lens / Shutter booklet


(PDF requires Adobe 5.0 or higher)
 QT II lenses (Quantray brand) - 5-4-2014   RECTAFLEX   &  Reflecta - booklet 
 Questar   Rexoette No. 2 - 3
 Riteway Roll Holder  Rexoette Cameras
 .   Rada Rollfilm - Kassette 
 Realist 35A  / Realist35B  RAY Cameras
 Realist ( Stereo-Realist )  RevueFLEX 3000
 Revere Eye-Matic  Regula III-b / Regual - CITA III
 Regula Sprinty (King)  Regula Guide (several models) 
 Regula Super (King)  . 
 RevuFlex SD1  REVUE 400SE 
 REVUEFLEX 4004 / 5005   Revue - 3 (Russian language) 
 RevueFLEX AC2  . 
 English and German
 Revue 3 - Russian  REFLEKTA I 
 REID Rangefinder  REX Reflex
 ROLLOP Reflex 2.8   . 
 Rheinmetall WELTAX  Rexoette Cameras - How to use,
 Ross Ensign  Rexo Regular / Special - Rexo Junior
 ROBIN Super LM   Robin 35mm Automatic camera (just the lens is auto, not preset)
 Robot (Indestructible)  Royal Recorder Robot Royal
 Robot Junior Star - German  Robot Camera Book
 Royal Robot Jr.  Robot Guide
 Robot IIA  Robot (The Indestructible) booklet - pricing
 Robot Vollautomat Star II  Robot Star 25 / 50 / 90
 Robot Photographic Automation  Robot Motor Recorder
 Rolfix - Montgomery Wards 120 film  .
 Rolfix Two-Size Cameras  Robot, Junior Star (German)
 Roamer I  and Roamer II  Reflekta I flier
 ROCCA Automatic  Reflekta 6X6
 Samoca-35 II  Samoca M
 Samoca LE   Sabre 620 
 Samoca LE-II  Samoca 35 III
 Samsung Maxima Zoom 70i  Sawyer's Mark IV (4X4)
 Samsung FINO 700s, Maxima zoom 70 GL / GLM    Samsung VEGA 140s
 Samsung AF-Slim Zoom / Zoom 70S, Slim Zoom 70G  Samsung Fino 120 Super / Maxima Elite 120
 Samsung AF Zoom 777i   Samsung FINO 70
 Samsung Slim Zoom 145  Sawyer's Nomad 620
 Seagull 4A   Seagull 2 1/4x 2 1/4 (winding with shutter cocking 120)
 Seagull DF-1  Seagull DF-300 
 Seagull 4b / 4B-1  Seagull DF-98 / DF-99
 Seagull DF-2ETM  Seagull 203
 Shanghai - 4  Sea and Sea SX - 1000 TTL
 Spartus Full-Vue Reflex  Senecas (pocket No. 29, 30, 31, 3A)
 Samigon Glans Micro T-M Mark II  Seneca Scout
 Samsung ECX 1  Seneca Roll Film
 SEMFLEX 6X6 Studio   Seneca Box Scout
 Seneca Folding Scout Camera  Seneca Senco Roll Film Camera
 SENECA Vest Pocket Roll Film  SELFIX
 .  SKY 35 II (rangefinder)
 Skylark V (Mansfield)   SKYFLEX
   SOLARON SLR M-9300 
 Soligor-REFLEX  Solida 6X6 / Solida I / II
 Soligor 45 rangefinder model 1   Spiratone Spiraflex TTL SLR 
 Soligor TM   Spartus Rocket 
 Samoca LE   Spartus Press Flash Camera 
 Sibyl - NEWMAN & GUARDIA INSTRUCTIONS  Spartus Miniature Candid Camera
 SPARTAFLEX - 2 1/4 camera  . 
 Spartus 620 Reflex  Spartus Ful-Vue Reflex
 Spartus No. 1 Folding Camera  Spartus No. 4 Folding
 Spartus camera flash  . 
 Speed-o-matic   Spartus Folding
 Super Dollian II  35 SIMFLEX
 .   Super Baldinette
 Sportsman and Sportsmaster guide  .
 STYLOPHOT   Spiratone Spiraflex TTL (a rebranded Petri FTX)
 Soligor Universal T4 Lenses  Sunscope 35x
 Speed Flash manual (Kalart Co.)  Super Paxette II
 Subminiature technique (spy cameras)  Sunbeam 620
 .  .
 .  .


 T981 reflex 35mm   Tessina 35 
 Tessina auto 35mm  Tessina Auto Reflex
 Tasco 7800 Binocular / camera  Tessina Automatic 35 (German) 
 Taron Cameras  Taron 35
 Taron Unique  Taron III
 Taron Supra PR 


 Taron VL  . 
 Taron Auto-EE  Thornton - Packard Junior & Special Ruby Reflex
 Ticka Pocket Camera Watch  . 
 Toyoca 35-S   Twin Lens Reflex Guide (various models) - need to scan 
 Tower  cameras / Tower Light Meters - See Sears  Univex Mercury
 TOYO Optics   Univex Mercury II
 35MM Aperture Priority SLR EE camera guide  United States Camera Corp. Reflex II & II "X"
 . .
 Universal Buccaneer  UNIFLEX I & II
 Universal Camera Corp - Minute 16  UNICUM Lenses
 Universal Junior Cameras (Butler Brothers)  Univex AF-4 folding (1938)
 Uniflex - booklet    Univex MiniCam AF-5
 Univex Corsair - I  Univex IRIS
 Univex Corsair II  Univex Model A
 Varicon S II  Univex Twin Flex
 Varoiflex Lenses on your SLR  Univex Model Deluxe Folding Camera
 Verascope F-40  VARIOFLEX lenses (shift - tilt) 
 Vive - 1897  VERASCOPE Cameras
 Vest Pocket Ensign  VP Twin
 Vollenda 620 w/Kodak lens  Vollenda w/Kodak Lens
 WARDS (see Montgomery Wards)   VOKAR 1
 Walz 35-S  Ventrua 69 / Ventura 69 DeLuxe
 WALZ Envoy 35  Walz Electric 1.8
 .   WalzFlex  IIIA / IIIB
 Watson Film Loader  Walwick No. 2 Box 
 Westomat (Super) 35  Weston WX-7
 Wollensak Standard RAPAX Shutter  Ward "35" (Montgomery Wards)
 Wardflex Model II  (WIRGIN) See EDIXA
 Weltaflex 6X6  Werra I-V
 Werra 1-3   . 
 Werra 1 - 4  Welta Penti I
 Welta Weltini II  Welta WELTI I
 Wirgin Edixa  Welta Reflekta
 WristAMatic - wristwatch camera '81  WIDELUX
 Wirgin Edina I / II  WISTA 45 SP / VX
 Wirgin Junior  WISTA 45 RF
 Wirgin Adox 2 1/4 x 3 1/4   WITTENAUER Adventurer / Legionnaire
 WRAYFLEX  Wonder Camera


(PDF requires Adobe 5.0 or higher)
 Zenith Comet    Yasuhara T981 (rangefinder) Japanese only
  .   .

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