Film Spool Adapters
(let your older camera take current size film)
Posted 7-13-'17

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Shapeways is an outlet for small molders.  So some of these place have their own sites.
These adapters do require some smarts and changes on your part.

Shapeways film spool adapters
120 film to a 616 camera
Shapeways film spool adapter
35mm film to a 120 camera
Shapeways film takup
35mm film in 120 camera
Shapeways film spool adapter
120 to  116 camera
Shapeways film gear
135 film in a 127 camera

E-bay finds - people I found selling film spool adapters
No guarantee how these work, this is only for reference
Feedback would be appreciated.

124 to 120 /  130 to 120 / 35 to 620 adapters 116 to 35mm / 616 to 35mm / 103 120